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Step 1. Choose Your Console

Sega Dreamcast

Console Features:

  • Play All Region Games & Backups
  • Custom Boot Animation Colour
  • Skip The Sega Licence Screen
  • Bypass VMU Copy-Protected Game Saves
  • Skip The Set Date/Time Screen

Price: £90.00

Step 2. Choose Your Optional Modifications

Power Light LED Colour Change
(Colour Of Your Choice)

Pimp Up Your Console And Customize With A Different Coloured Power LED.

Price: +£3.00

Clock Battery Replaced & Removable Holder Installed

Easily Change The Clock Battery With This Removable Holder.

Price: +£8.00

Soft Reset Button

Reset Your Console With A Simple Push Switch On The Side Of Console.

Price: +£12.00

SD Card Slot

Load ISO Games Directly From An SD Card Using Dreamshell.

Price: +£30.00

Audio Optical Out Port

Experience Fantastic Sound Quality Using Digital Audio.

Price: +£40.00

GDEMU Optical Drive V5.5

Replace The Original Drive With An SD Card Replacement.

Price: +£80.00

12V Pico PSU Conversion

Power Your Console With a 12v Adaptor Instead Of 240v Mains To Reduce Heat And Pro-Long Life.

Price: +£30.00

VGA Out Port

Experience Sharper Images Using VGA vs Composite Scart With A VGA Port Installed At The Rear Of The Console.

Price: +£30.00


Play Your Favourite Games In True High-Def With The DCHDMI In 1080p.
(Please Contact Us Before Purchasing)

Price: +£170.00

Self Resetting Controller Port Fuse

With a self resetting fuse, there's no need to worry if a bad controller or accessory blows the internal fuse.

Price: +£8.00

Step 3. Choose Your Optional Accessory Bundle

Small Accessory Bundle

1 x Controller + Power Lead + Power Brick + AV Lead

Price: +£15.00

Medium Accessory Bundle

1 x Controller + Power Lead + Power Brick + AV Lead + External HDMI 720p / 1080p Upscaler

Price: +£50.00

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