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What It Does...

We have developed a replacement BIOS solution for the Playstation 1 console that solves a number of issues as described below.
All BIOS's come pre-flashed onto flash memory which is soldered onto a drop-in replacement pcb.

Beginner - Moderate level soldering required, this requires removal of the original BIOS chip and soldering in the replacement one.
We take NO responsibility for failed installs which renders the console in-operable, we do however offer an installation service.

DISCLAIMER: You are not paying for the BIOS itself, you are paying for the PCB and Flash Chip.

Japanese PS1 Consoles

All Japanese consoles have an extra "territory" check in the BIOS, this means that even with a traditional modchip, it will still only boot Japanese Copies and not other region games.

The fix for this is using our newly developed BIOS Replacement PCB with the US BIOS flashed to it which doesn't have the "territory" check in place.

You can also use the PAL BIOS, however when booting, the boot and menu screen will display in 50Hz rather than 60hz which Japanese machines are designed for. That is why we would recommend the US BIOS as this is designed for 60Hz.

Which BIOS to Choose???

* All Japanese Consoles - We would recommend the US BIOS as these don't contain the extra "territory" check. You can use the PAL BIOS, however when booting, the boot and menu screen will display in 50Hz rather than 60hz which Japanese machines are designed for.

* If you just need a replacement BIOS PCB because your original chip has become corrupted, you can use any bios you wish.

* You can find your motherboard revision by taking your console apart and look for PU-XX on the mainboard.

What is PSX-XBOO BIOS???

PSX-XBOO is an alternative BIOS developed by NO$CASH which incorporates numerous features compared to the original BIOS.



Select Required BIOS
Add Mayumi V4 Modchip?
(Not Needed With PS1Digital)
(Select The Current Region of Your Console)

Installation Instructions

Step 1. Make sure the power cable is removed before working on your console.

Step 2. Remove the 5 or 6 screws underneath the console, flip console over and remove top casing.

Step 3. Carefully remove the 2 connectors from the disk drive and place to one side.

Step 4. Remove the controller port ribbon cable and the small connecting cable from the power supply.

Step 5. Remove the 4-5 screws holding down the steel motherboard cover plate and remove.

Step 6. We are going to be focusing on a chip that is marked "IC102" next to it.

Step 7. You MAY have to remove metal shielding if this is covering the chip we need to remove and on some models, this shield is in a different place.

Step 8. Once removed, locate the chip where it is marked "IC203" next to it, this is the chip we need to remove.

Step 9. Use precision side cutters to snip the legs off the chip, or use a hot air station to remove chip just in case you want to revert back to stock.

Step 10. Use Desoldering Wick to clean the solder pads of any left-over solder and make sure the solder pads are flat to touch.

Step 11. Place the replacement BIOS PCB over the pads and solder each side to the corresponding pads.

Step 12. If you purchased the board with the additional Mayumi V4 Modchip, use the 6 highlights points to install, if not skip to step 14.

Step 13. Use the diagrams here to install the Modchip part: (https://quade.co/ps1-modchip-guide/mayumi-v4/), Ignore points 1 and 8.

Step 14. Test and make sure it is fully working before fully re-assembling.

Step 15. Happy Gaming.
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