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What It Does...

This small little board makes your PCEngine / TurboGrafx completely region free at a flip of a switch.

We take NO responsibility for failed installs which renders the console in-operable, we do however offer an installation service.

Installation Diagrams...

1. Dismantle the console and locate the HuCard slot.

2. Cut the pins as shown using small side cutters

3. Straighten pins as shown in the diagram.

4. Place RegionX board over the straightened pins and solder each pins.

5. Join a small piece of wire from the VCC pad of the RegionX board to Pin 38 of the HuCard slot.

6. Due to Japanese system having extra region checking, locate the chip marked "Hu6280" and carefully lift pin 29, when this pin is lifted, join a small piece of wire from the lifted pin to a ground point, such as a nearby capacitor.

7. Mount the included slide switch to the console using hot glue. You may need to drill a hole or use a knife to make a hole.

8. Connect the middle pins of the switch to the point "SW", the left pin to "PCE" and the right pins to "TG16".

9. Example of finished installation.


Price Each: £16.00

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