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What It Does...

We have developed a replacement BIOS solution for the following consoles that allows you to use Razoola's famous UniBIOS.
All BIOS's come pre-flashed onto flash memory which is soldered onto a drop-in replacement pcb.

NeoGeo CDZ

NeoGeo CDZ
NeoGeo CD Front Loader

NeoGeo CD Front Loader
NeoGeo CD Top Loader

NeoGeo CD Top Loader

Beginner - Moderate level soldering required, this requires removal of the original BIOS chip and soldering in the replacement one.
We take NO responsibility for failed installs which renders the console in-operable, we do however offer an installation service.
DISCLAIMER: You are not paying for the BIOS itself, you are paying for the PCB and Flash Chip.
We thank Razoola for his hard work in providing and devloping this amazing UniBIOS.


Installation pictures are coming, but essentially you remove the old BIOS chip using side cutters or a hot air station, and place the new BIOS PCB over the existing solder pads and drag solder the points.


Settings Menu

To access the settings menu, the codes below should be entered at the CD radio screen using the 1P Controller.

(SELECT).............UNIVERSE BIOS Menu
(B)+(C).............Access PC-2-NEO
(C)+(D).............Eject (Front Loader only)

The following code is available in game only:

(START)+(SELECT).............In Game Menu

Other Features

* Brings the CDZ style radio screen to Top and Front Loaders.
* Slightly faster loading on Top/Front Loaders (hardly noticeable but it's there).
* The in game menu has all the features of the MVS/AES UNIVERSE BIOS.
* An MVS/AES BIOS SWITCH option (see below).
* Suppress CD sector checks (failing drives work in some cases).


The CD UniBIOS contains a DEV MVS/AES BIOS and can be accessed using the jumper on the PCB. When you purchase the new BIOS PCB, the jumpers has been soldered (Middle+Bottom) so the CD UniBIOS will be booted automatically.

You can solder (Middle+Top) instead to access the DEV MVS/AES BIOS to boot automatically.

Alternatively, you can solder and mount a switch using the middle pad as the common so you can change it whenever you like without opening the console up and resoldering.


Price Each: £14.00

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